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Women-Led Business Directory

Are you searching for a women-led business supplier? Or are you a women-led business looking to promote yourself?
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At Four Drunk Parrots, we believe capitalism can and should be a force for good.

Earlier this month, we were seeking to update our current suppliers by transitioning to Women-Led Businesses like our own. During this search, we found it extremely difficult to narrow down women-led businesses in one place, if at all. Many businesses choose not to display the individual behind the brand.

So the question grew from: how can we support women-led businesses? To how can we find out which businesses are women-led & how can we support and promote them?

We decided to answer that question! So, we created the Women-Led Business Directory – a central place where we highlight the entrepreneurial women of Australia.

Women Led Business
In many parts of the world, women-led small businesses are a significant element in global supply chains, whether as distributors, retailers, or suppliers.

By supporting a women-led business, you can magnify your impact by creating and building out networks for women.

It is no exaggeration to say that female entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. Closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship and fueling the growth of women-owned enterprises will unleash new ideas, services, and products into markets around the world. In order for that to happen, we created this directory to make it easy for you to find and support a women-led organisation.


Online, women aren't fairing any better through traditional media.

Just 26% of internet news stories & media tweets, combined focus on women.

Women-led businesses starting worldwide

Women set to enter the economy by 2022

as employees, employers, producers, and entrepreneurs.

So how can we help shift the balance?

By putting the power of our social currency to good use, we can start to amplify women-owned businesses with a post, a tweet, a share, an article and supporting them by sourcing goods and services from these women-owned businesses.